Important things to remember

• Let us know about medication being takenclimbing
• Let us know if your child has any food allergies
• Let us know if your child develops any illness that can easily spread i.e. chicken pox, so that other parents can be aware if their child has similar symptoms
• Let us know if your child is unwell and not coming to preschool (we would ask that your child not attend if they have been unwell in the last 48 hours)
• If for any reason you are not able to collect your child on time please telephone the preschool (07762906911) so that arrangements can be discussed and your child reassured
• Let us know of any change to your child’s collection arrangements and share your password
• Let us know immediately of any change of details i.e. contact details, emergency person etc.
• Let us know if you able to assist with any committee based tasks, i.e. fundraising, maintenance etc.
• Leave something appropriate for your child to wear outside at playtime and apply sun protection in the Summer (remember to ‘DRESS FOR MESS’!)
• Put your child’s name on things they would not want to lose

Thanks for your help in these matters.