Findon Village Preschool is a non profit organisation and registered charity. In order to maintain high standards and low fees, it is vital that parents understand the importance of fundraising. Income from fees pays for staff wages and other essential expenses. Other funds required, such as for play equipment or arts and crafts materials, must be generated separately.

Regular fundraising events are organised by the committee and we hold several fundraising events during the year. Anyone is welcome to join the fundraising team and we are always looking for ideas and volunteers to help with organising and running events.

Last years events saw our parents, families and friends baking cakes, serving teas and coffees, securing great raffle prizes, poster making, marketing and lastly having to relax and have a drink whilst at our pub quiz!


Our main focus at the moment is looking at ways to update our building and applying for grants in order to secure the funds to be able to do so. It is a big task to take on, we know, but the building at present does need constant repairing. It was an old cafe along Bognor seafront and people in the village dismantled it in 1974 and brought it here! The Parish Council own the land and building at present with them maintaining the outside and us the inside. We have been in contact with Skinners Sheds and other businesses to give us a quote for the building and to have a complete new build with double glazing, twin insulated skin walls and roof and all interior fitted out – this is coming back at a cost of approximately £75,000!

We have been recommended a Grant of £16,524 by Arun District Council which will be submitted and fingers crossed we get the go ahead!

It will take about 4 weeks to dismantle and get the finished building ready for use. We would plan to do this over a summer holiday period to avoid as little disruption as possible.

We are looking into grants and sponsorship to raise the finance and if anyone knows of any companies who may like to sponsor us please let us know. We will put a suggestions box out for any ideas for fundraising you may think of, it would be amazing to have a more eco building, but we are going for a very similar look to keep the same feel about our preschool.


Shop on line and raise money at no cost to you!
We encourage our parents and their family and friends to shop through the easyfundraising website. Easyfundraising work with 1,000’s of well known retailers who donate a percentage of your spend to our preschool. Retailers include Tesco, M&S, Vodafone, Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Asda, John Lewis, ebay and lots more. It’s so easy and all FREE, just follow the below steps:

  • Register by going to
  • Click on the Register now icon in yellow at the top of the page
  • In the Support Your Cause box enter Findon Village Preschool and register as a supporter

When you’ve registered, you’re ready to shop and raise money! Simply click on the retailer you want, then shop as you would normally. When you make a purchase, easyfundraising will send you an email telling you how much you’ve raised and pass the donation to the preschool. Please contact any of our staff or committee if you would like to get involved