We would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

A huge thank you for all our Christmas cards, gifts and money – we had a very enjoyable evening out at the end of term!

We would like to welcome Ronnie, Austin, Nancy and Mollie and hope they have lots of fun with us.

This term we are doing All About Me, if you have any baby photos of your children we could put up it would be lovely and we can chat and discuss them in our group times.

Many thanks for all who donated Raffle prizes for our Nativity it was a great success raising £146 which is fantastic! The Village House collect change in a glass on the bar that they donate to us and this year we have received £425 which is amazing so a huge thanks to them! We have bought new Waterproofs with the funds raised! Grants Money from The Parish Council and Sheep Fair committee have enabled us to buy new storage units and cupboards for our resources and look much nicer than our old ones!

Please don’t forget to take a look and give us any feedback so we can tweak if we need to. www.findonvillagepreschool.co.uk

We are trying to encourage the children to put on their own coats, shoes and wellies as well as washing their hands and going to the loo by themselves to develop their independence and make them feel proud of doing these things.

This term we are also looking at simple counting games that can be done anywhere eg. counting jumps in puddles, how many plates at the table, counting stairs or apples in a bowl just to encourage the children to start using these skills. Old egg boxes are good for putting things into counting things they put in each hole. If you go online you can find some simple ideas to do with your children. The imagination tree is a useful one. Don’t forget to ask your child’s Keyperson too!

30 Hours Free Funding September 2017
From September we will be offering 30hours free childcare per week term time to those receiving 3/4 year old Funding. When we receive more information we will let you know…

Holiday Club
Don’t forget you can have extra sessions during the holidays if you would like and our normal sessional rates apply. Please ask if you would like any information on this.

Please can you provide us with your updated contact details in case they have changed, also can we have your email address so we can relay information and letters electronically to you as we think this would be useful to both you and us, please include your; Child’s name, Home telephone number, Mobile number, Emergency contact details and Email address.

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